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Leading 5,500 Learners to Learn w/the ePortfolio, 
Go Big or Go Home

Description for Conference Program:
Research conducted to redesign the state mandated core curriculum of the Dallas County Community College District (a 7 college district with 80,000 students) revealed a need for a “Learning to Learn” course for all college -ready first year students. What better time and place to launch an electronic portfolio initiative than a first course in a new core curriculum! Three year Foliotek accounts are bundled with the course textbook to enable learners to build transportable, digital academic identities and to facilitate the integration of learning throughout the tier structured core. In Fall 2010, 200 Learning Framework faculty were co-learners with their 5500 students as they both developed ePortfolios for the first time. The ease of use of Foliotek portfolios made it possible to focus on “folio thinking and learning” rather than the technology. With little support beyond the classroom, fewer than 2% of students required additional assistance allowing learners to enthusiastically embrace ePortfolios. This session will share stories of lessons learned by DCCCD students, faculty and a few “fearless” leaders as authentic, experiential, and evidenced-based learning moves into the next tier of the core curriculum.

Description for Online Program: 
How can you lead a 7 college district of 80,000 students from 0 to 5500 ePortfolios in one semester? This session will describe the Dallas County Community College District’s entre’, in Fall 2010, into the world of authentic, experiential, and evidenced-based learning. Electronic portfolios were incorporated into a new “Learning to Learn” course for college-ready first year students at the same time a new tier structured core curriculum went live. One of the many factors that contributed to this successful launch of ePortfolios was the focus on learning rather than technology. Other factors, data and stories of lessons learned will be shared.

Institutional: curricular reform; strategies for getting “buy-in,” faculty development; assessment

Session Format
45 minute presentation with Q/A

Specific Outcomes for the Session:
Participants will acquire strategies for adoption, use and dissemination of ePortfolios throughout all courses in a large multi-college district, learn how professional development was designed and delivered to faculty, and gain insights into the novel use of ePortfolios to learn about ePortfolios.

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